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Body Shape Concept

There are four body shapes; triangle, square, circle and oval. Each shape is unique and each one beautiful! There are also four styles of garments; triangle, square, circle and oval. When the shape of your clothing matches the shape of your body, the effect is harmony - a pleasing arrangement of parts. When you achieve harmony with your wardrobe, the effect is terrific. Not just to you, but to everyone who sees you!

Triangle Body Shape

The triangle body shape is angular and asymmetrical with unusual proportions.

  • You have a V-shaped rib cage
  • You have a small waistline or small in proportion to your hips
  • Your legs are full through the knees
  • If you have extra weight, it will be in your derriere and thighs


triangle body shape

Square Body Shape

The square body shape has straight lines giving it a squared-off, no-nonsense sporty look.

  • You have a straight rib cage with little or no waistline indentation
  • You have a flat derriere
  • You have straight slim legs
  • If you have extra weight, it will be in your torso


square body shape

Circle Body Shape

The circle shape is rounded and feminine with graceful curves.

  • You have or once had a definite waistline
  • You have full upper hips, derriere, and thighs
  • You have large calves and thin ankles
  • If you have extra weight, it will be in your upper arms, rib cage and upper hips


circle body shape

Oval Body Shape

The oval body shape is balanced, symmetrical and uncomplicated, giving it a look of subtle sophistication.

  • Your shape flows smoothly from the rib cage to waist to hips in a gentle line.
  • You have a flat derriere
  • Your legs are gently shaped
  • If you have extra weight, it will be in your front torso.


oval body shape
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