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I was immediately drawn to Darlene by her wisdom and clever teaching style. She has a sparkle in her eye and clearly enjoys teaching sharing techniques she has developed over the years. She has a way of making everyone feel good about themselves just the way they are. No matter what size you are, she makes you feel like a princess. Darlene is a gifted sewing teacher and a student herself in all life has to offer.

Marla, Libertyville, IL

We have had Darlene teach her fitting classes in our store for three years. All of our students have been so thrilled with getting their patterns fit, they are telling their friends, and asking us for more classes before we even know when she will be back in our area. Darlene is a wonderful teacher and an expert at what she does.

Linda, Libertyville, IL

I have worked in Darlene's booth at many shows. Women are inundated with fashion ads touting the latest design, and instead of celebrating the beauty of clothing, they are often intimidated and discouraged because they are convinced they they could never look as beautiful as the women pictured. Darlene's model of matching the shape of the clothing to the body type frees women of that indecision and lack of confidence. Darlene changes lives. Let her change yours.

Karen, Crystal Lake, IL

Before I took Darlene's informative and entertaining class, I could make my clients clothing fit, however sometimes there was something not quite right. After Darlene's class, I started applying what I had learned. When I used her patterns, I was able to save time and effort because the alterations were designed for specific body types. It made my business more profitable, too. Also, using her book, I advised my clients on proper styles of clothing.

Judie, Kalispell, MT

After a presentation Darlene gave I purchased two of her patterns. This is not unusual, I have purchased patterns before. The unusual part is that I was so enthused about their proper fit and ease of construction that I have already made up one of the patterns. I enjoy making wearable art and just hadn't found patterns that worked. Darlene's patterns fit with little or no altering, and they are flattering.

Judith, Prescott, AZ

Since your revelation in July that I was a triangle and not a circle, I have turned my life around. I have lost nearly 20 lbs., have been exercising so that my waist is now more visible, and I am gradually changing my wardrobe to more flattering form-fitting styles. I just wanted to tell you how great an impression you made on me and how your ideas have become ingrained into my everyday life. I am determined to keep up my new figure and even improve upon it, so that I become a true triangle. This goal is a lot of fun and I feel so much better about myself. I went to the dept. store and had a makeup makeover, I cut my hair, and now I look completely different and (dare I say it)...thin. And, for the first time in a long time, I feel thinner, stronger, and happier. You were the catalyst for all this. I am so glad to have met you and I thank you a million times over.

Susan, Crystal Lake, IL


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